Animation & Design

Dear Stranger

Have you ever been the victim of unwanted cat calling as you’ve walked down the street? Has anyone made you feel uncomfortable with their stare? Have you ever felt guilty for your choice of clothes? Dear Stranger aims to give a voice to the silent majority who have dealt with these normalized forms of harassment.

I believe that good design has the power to critically engage with social issues and to raise awareness about problems which otherwise might go un-discussed.

Dear Stranger is a project that was inspired from personally witnessing the problem of street harassment on a far too regular basis. This is when the first idea for my script was born. I realized that in my own hands, I hold the power and knowledge to create social consciousness and a sense of empowerment.

Two particular colour palettes represented distinct moods. The first part of the story has pinks, blues and mauve colours. I wanted to convey the tranquility and peacefulness that the protagonist feels before leaving her home. My second colour palette represents a sense of danger and loneliness. These colors and the moods which they convey aim to depict the emotions felt while being harassed.

Frame by frame animation and a hand made style were chosen to represent the deeply personal nature of this topic.

Photoshop and Illustrator were used to create all of the assets. After Effects was used for postproduction and Premiere was used to edit the music and Voice Over of the story.


Case Study